- September 30, 2010

Comscore Ad Metrix: Measuring the Display Advertising Market Resurgence

Speaker: John Triggs, Product Specialist

We’ve witnessed a strong resurgence in the display ad market over the past several months, with the number of impressions up 15 percent vs. year ago and average CPMs also continuing to rise. Much of this resurgence can be attributed to innovation occurring with ad units, ad network expansion and increased activity from ad agencies and advertisers. The ability to accurately measure this display ad renaissance has become critical for media buyers and sellers alike.

During this session we review the newly added features and the insights that you can now garner using Comscore Ad Metrix, including:

  • Timely Advertising Insights in Key Industries: Use expanded advertiser/product dictionary to analyze the online display advertising strategies for movies, political candidates, video games and other industries. For example, see how display ads helped Columbia Pictures’ Grown Ups to become the summer’s top grossing comedy, despite lukewarm reviews from critics.
  • Least Cluttered Websites for Advertising: Run the Publisher Ad Clutter Quick Report to discover which publishers deliver a high share of voice and low ad clutter within key categories, such Entertainment, Sports and Conversational Media.
  • Granular Reports by Ad Size and Ad Format: Analyze the Creative Summary Report to see how News/Information sites have adopted new OPA ad formats, how Consumer Goods advertisers have created highly engaging rich media ads, and other granular insights by ad type and format.
  • Key Advertising Sales Prospects: Leverage the Sales Prospects Quick Report to learn how a publisher site can uncover new potential advertisers – big and small – by keeping a close eye on their competition.

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