- April 14, 2011

Natural Born Clickers in Russia

Toby Crisp
Toby Crisp
Vice President Client Insights

Comscore released a report entitled “Natural Born Clickers in Russia – Understanding How Display Advertising Works,” which indicates that a very small group of Internet users who are not representative of the total Russian online population is accountable for the vast majority of display ad click-through behaviour. The report includes findings from several studies of the view-through effectiveness of online display advertising and highlights key implications for stakeholders in the Russian digital media ecosystem.

The research analysed the behaviour of heavy, medium, light and non-clickers to demonstrate how these segments of clickers contribute to total click-through activity. The results show that only 10 percent of the entire Russian Internet audience in August 2010 clicked on even a single display ad. More importantly, heavy clickers – the top 20 percent of clickers – represent just 2 percent of the online population in Russia but generate 58 percent of all display ad clicks. The full complementary study is also available for download in Russian here.