- September 19, 2012

From Data to Action – Best Practices for Validating and Optimizing Your Digital Campaigns

Speaker: Jason Patterson, Senior Industry Analyst

As a dominant topic in our industry, it's clear that 'viewable impressions' are here to stay.

But did you know that Comscore's measurement goes beyond viewabilty to measuring validated impressions?

This gives you insight into whether or not ads were delivered in-view, in the right geography, in brand safe environments and with non-human traffic removed. Additionally, the measurement can verify the extent to which validated impressions reached a target audience. Our agencies and advertiser clients use Comscore validated Campaign Essentials to ensure their digital campaigns have a chance to be seen, and that they are reaching the right target.

In this presentation, Comscore Senior Industry Analyst Jason Patterson explores how you can use Comscore's validated data to optimize and improve digital campaign results.

Walk away with new ideas for practical application of data based on real examples that show how major brands:

  • Use validated data to negotiate and monitor ad delivery at the publisher level to ensure successful geographic delivery rates
  • Set alerting and blocking to enable the brand team to proactively address campaign delivery issues in flight
  • Integrate validated data with other sources to create campaign dashboards to guide in-flight optimization and post-campaign evaluations
  • Leverage validated data in Marketing Mix Models, ad effectiveness surveys and other campaign performance measurement models

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