- August 14, 2012

The Economics of Online Advertising

Comscore CEO Magid Abraham, PhD shares his perspective on the importance of moving to this standard and highlights key concepts discussed in his recent whitepaper, The Economics of Online Advertising. This presentation advances the industry-wide conversation about viewable impressions by using core economic principles of supply and demand. It also demonstrates how the adoption of this currency provides a win-win scenario for the buy- and sell-side players in the advertising ecosystem.

Media buyers and media sellers can gain insight into how:

  • Creating scarcity actually delivers more value to the ecosystem by reducing risk to advertisers
  • Scarcity enables media sellers to re-set pricing to reflect the actual value being offered by publishers
  • The use of validated impressions enables a more accurate assessment of campaign effectiveness revealing the true ROI of digital, especially compared to TV
  • Measurement of validated impressions can be accomplished using validated Campaign Essentials

Online publishers can gain insight into how:

  • Creating digital scarcity increases the value of your online display impressions
  • Allocating placements and packages based on viewable impressions enables quality publishers to improve user experience and CPMs
  • Integrated viewability and duration data from Digital Analytix Monetization can optimize ad inventory