- November 19, 2014

Comscore and Warc Webinar: Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising

Paul Goode
Paul Goode
SVP Strategic Partnerships

While advertising has evolved tremendously with the advent of new digital technologies, its goal today is much the same as it has always been—to elicit feelings, emotions, perceptions and actions that ultimately increase sales and build brand loyalty.

Finding ways to do this efficiently and to quantify a return on a marketing investment is a must. This presentation covers how you can move towards more effective planning, stronger evaluation and overall improved results.

This presentation from the Comscore and Warc webinar, Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising, addresses key industry issues including:  

  • How brands such as Kellogg’s use in-flight optimisation to increase campaign ROI.
  • What opportunities lie ahead for advertisers in an increasingly multi-platform digital world.
  • Whether viewability, brand safety and non-human traffic can bring increased transparency and trust to the industry in what is an increasingly programmatic world.

To download the full Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising report, please visit: www.comscore.com/LessonsLearned

Listen to a recording of the webinar here.