- November 6, 2015

Non-Human Traffic and Its Impact on the Entire Digital Ecosystem

Issues of fraud, viewability and brand safety have overshadowed the true potential of digital advertising – regardless of whether you buy or sell in programmatic or direct environments.

However, it has become increasingly apparent that brand safety, fraud detection and viewability are all intrinsically linked. Primarily it is NHT (Non-Human Traffic) that infects all performance and effectiveness metrics, when evaluating success criteria of any digital campaign.

In this presentation, Duncan Trigg, Comscore VP of Advertising Effectiveness, shared key learnings on NHT and the larger issue of verification, including:

  • The effects of NHT on viewability, in-target and GRP measurement
  • How NHT contaminates your KPIs in ways you might not expect
  • Best Practices for advertisers, agencies and publishers to work together to minimise campaign wastage
  • How the adoption of the verified impression is critical for digital advertising to reach its full potential