- November 21, 2016

Lifting The Lid On Ad Blocking And Ad Fraud

Ad fraud and ad blocking are two of the most critical issues facing the future of the digital industry, with fraudsters growing increasingly sophisticated day by day. 

In this presentation Mike Shaw, VP Sales of UK and Ireland at Comscore lifts the lid on Comscore’s latest research into ad fraud and ad blocking, not only showcasing the latest data into the trends impacting the marketplace, but going a step further to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how Comscore’s researchers, evolving technology and vast data assets are helping to shed light on the problems and illuminate potential solutions.

  • Newest data insights into ad fraud and ad blocking trends from the UK, Europe and further markets across the globe.
  • The science behind the data and the approach Comscore has taken to tackling ad fraud and identifying ad blocking trends.
  • The role of human panels in detecting ad fraud and ad blocking and why they still maintain the source of truth.

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