February 15, 2016

comScore Releases January 2016 U.S. Desktop Search Engine Rankings

RESTON, VA, February 15, 2016 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released its monthly comScore qSearch™ analysis of the U.S. desktop search marketplace. Google Sites led the explicit core search market in January with 63.8 percent of search queries conducted.

U.S. Explicit Core Search
Google Sites led the U.S. explicit core search market in January with 63.8 percent market share, followed by Microsoft Sites with 21.3 percent (up 0.2 percentage points) and Yahoo Sites with 12.4 percent. Ask Network accounted for 1.7 percent of explicit core searches (up 0.1 percentage points), followed by AOL, Inc. with 0.9 percent.

comScore Explicit Core Search Share Report* (Desktop Only)
 January 2016 vs. December 2015
 Total U.S. – Desktop Home & Work Locations
 Source: comScore qSearch
Core Search Entity Explicit Core Search Share (%)
Dec-15 Jan-16 Point Change
Total Explicit Core Search 100.0% 100.0% N/A
Google Sites 63.8% 63.8% 0.0
Microsoft Sites 21.1% 21.3% 0.2
Yahoo Sites 12.4% 12.4% 0.0
Ask Network 1.6% 1.7% 0.1
AOL, Inc. 1.0% 0.9% -0.1

*“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

17.5 billion explicit core searches were conducted in January, with Google Sites ranking first with 11.2 billion (up 1 percent). Microsoft Sites ranked second with 3.7 billion searches (up 1 percent), followed by Yahoo Sites with 2.2 billion, Ask Network with 289 million (up 3 percent) and AOL, Inc. with 154 million.

comScore Explicit Core Search Query Report (Desktop Only)
 January 2016 vs. December 2015
 Total U.S. – Desktop Home & Work Locations
 Source: comScore qSearch
Core Search Entity Explicit Core Search Queries (MM)
Dec-15 Jan-16 Percent Change
Total Explicit Core Search 17,378 17,482 1%
Google Sites 11,095 11,156 1%
Microsoft Sites 3,667 3,717 1%
Yahoo Sites 2,159 2,165 0%
Ask Network 279 289 3%
AOL, Inc. 178 154 -13%

“Powered By” Reporting
In January, 63.9 percent of searches carried organic search results from Google, while 32.2 percent of searches were powered by Bing (up 0.8 percentage points).

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