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Experience the future of precision measurement and uncover unparalleled local-level insights, brought to you by The Trade Desk and Comscore
Introducing a groundbreaking integration that's set to revolutionize your advertising strategies. Now, all The Trade Desk clients have access to Comscore’s person-level Local Market data for insights and optimization directly within
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Simplify your workflow and maximize reach with the integration of Comscore Campaign Ratings in The Trade Desk

Go from reporting...
incremental Lift in reaching Females 18-49 on digital nationally
Go from reporting...
incremental Lift in reaching Females 18-49 on digital Nashville, TN

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Comscore Campaign Ratings simplifies the complex world of audience measurement, providing a single source of truth for understanding your audience while gaining control over your marketing budgets and elevating your advertising strategy beyond topline reach and frequency metrics.

We use the largest digital opt-in panel and census network to provide the most robust digital reporting in the marketplace, our footprint covers 99% of all U.S. Zip Codes. Passively-collected second-by-second deterministic set-top-box viewership data across 75M+ televisions sourced directly from our partnerships with MVPDs. Best-in-class device graph and massive scale of data assets.

We’ll confidently help you embrace the future of advertising sales with newfound opportunities. Contact us today.

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