Validate total campaign delivery and optimize in-flight with a single tool

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Comscore Validated Campaign Essentials™ (VCE®) is a holistic advertising measurement solution that provides real-time insights to improve the performance of advertising campaigns.
Validating audience delivery and viewability for display and video inventory across desktop and mobile devices.
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Quality Audience Reporting

Analyze reach, frequency and GRPs across trusted Comscore demographics to understand whether campaigns reached the intended audience.

Quality Audience Reporting

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) Filtration

SIVT accreditation across all display, video, web and in-app inventory.

SIVT Filtration

Complete Ad Validation

Optimize campaign performance in-flight with an unduplicated report of impressions that are viewable, brand safe, in-geo, and free from IVT.

Complete Ad Validation
  • Minimize wasted ad spend with unduplicated audience and validation measurement using a single tag.
  • Optimize campaigns in-flight for better performance against KPIs by leveraging real-time, trusted data.
  • Maximize ROI by integrating clean campaign data into Marketing Mix Modeling.
  • Exceed key client expectations by proactively monitoring campaign performance and optimizing ad delivery in-flight.
  • Surface new content monetization opportunities with a better understanding of the performance of advertising strategies.
  • Benchmark and improve inventory performance over time leveraging historical audience and validation data across your sites.
  • Reach client goals by monitoring performance against client KPIs – including brand safety — and making in-flight adjustments.
  • Streamline negotiations with publishers by leveraging ad delivery data that includes viewability, IVT, and audience measurement.
  • Achieve operational efficiency by granting publishers access to reliable data via a single tag, encouraging in-flight optimization.

Meet the Expert

Melinda Gladnick
Melinda Gladnick
Product Manager, VCE & CCR

Melinda Gladnick serves as Product Manager of Validated Campaign Essentials & Comscore Campaign Ratings. In this role she leads product teams in strategy definition and development, guiding comprehensive product vision, planning design, usability, and quality of releases.

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