Trusted Detection of Invalid Traffic

Luckily, advanced IVT measurement can help.

Invalid traffic - often referred to as non-human traffic (NHT) - is a real issue. If an ad isn’t reaching a real person, that’s a real problem. Beyond generating waste and distrust, it undermines the integrity of every other effectiveness metric and hurts both buyers and sellers – degrading the value of the advertising industry as a whole. Our sophisticated IVT detection is integrated into Comscore vCE, giving media buyers, ad networks and sellers a trusted method to better protect their traffic and campaigns from IVT threats.

Forget standard filtration.
Get triple defense with comscore.

Comscore provides unique General and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic detection that goes beyond the standard filtration required for industry accreditation. Our Triple Detection Technology uses three key Comscore data assets – ad tags, census page tags and a panel of humans – to measure invalid traffic, providing more protection than lesser solutions.

Invalid Traffic detection technology
Invalid Traffic Other Common Approaches

Redefining state-of-the art, every day.

Staying ahead of IVT is a constant challenge. Comscore has from the start drawn attention to this important issue. We’ve integrated anti-IVT technology across our advertising and audience measurement products, and we continue to develop advanced capabilities that set higher standards for the industry.

1. Measurement beyond ad tags alone

To catch hard-to-detect invalid activity.

2. True census detection of IVT

Techniques that rely on spiders and bots can leave measurement holes.

3. Impression-level data

4. Agnostic measurement across channels, including video, display and mobile

We do not filter them directly, as other solutions do, but rather analyze behavior in full context with the depth and breadth of our data assets.

5. Consistent methods across planning and effectiveness tools

6. Continuous evolution using cyber-security expertise