Mobile Metrix

Consumers are mobile

Where are they going?

Mobile Metrix helps make mobile audiences and advertising more valuable

Consumers now spend the majority of their digital media time on mobile devices, making mobile more valuable than ever. COMSCORE MOBILE METRIX® captures total mobile audience behavior on browsers and apps across smartphones and tablets. With Mobile Metrix, publishers can demonstrate the value of their mobile audiences, while agencies and advertisers can strategically plan and buy digital advertising on mobile platforms to achieve their campaign objectives.

Compare scale and audience duplication

of mobile media properties and apps.

Compare mobile audiences  


How well does my mobile site reach valuable
audiences compared to my competitors?

What is the cross over between audiences accessing
my mobile site vs. my app?

What is the best combination of apps and mobile sites
to reach my campaign objective?

See how demographics and reach differ

by device and access method.


How does my mobile reach vary by platform (smartphone vs. tablet) and by access method (app vs. browser)?

What content does my target audience primarily engage with and on what devices?


Identify growth and seasonality trends

of mobile entities and categories over time.

Mobile trends  


How successful are my competitors at delivering a
certain type of user over time?

When is the best time of the year to advertise on a
mobile travel site to reach my target audience?


Showcase the value and scale
of your mobile audiences. 

Measure the Total Mobile Population of your content
Benchmark audience engagement across platforms, relative to competitors
Package mobile inventory with other platforms

You know your audience is mobile. But what are they consuming? Make your audiences more valuable with
Mobile Metrix. Learn how today.

Agencies and Advertisers

Strategically plan and buy
mobile advertising. 

Find the best mobile properties or apps to meet your campaign objectives
Plan for audience overlap between platforms to manage reach and frequency
Create smarter multi-platform campaigns

You know your audience is mobile. But where are they going? Make your advertising more valuable with Mobile Metrix.
Learn how today.

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