Tagging Data

We use the information that we collect through web “tags” (including cookies and similar technologies) to operate and improve our business including to produce reports, research, and information products that we share with companies that are our customers. These reports help our clients meet their business goals by providing them with a better understanding of digital consumption behavior, trends, and consumer preferences. We use the information collected from our ScorecardResearch and VoiceFive web tags in accordance with their privacy policies:

Website Tag Data
The use of this form enables Comscore to retrieve automatically, if available, the ScorecardResearch and/or VoiceFive cookie ID associated with the browser you use to access this form. The cookie ID is how Comscore identifies your browser and is associated with online activity information such as browsing history, internet search activity, and mobile application usage. This online activity information may include visits to specific websites and content, but for privacy and security reasons Comscore does not provide the specific website and content data in response to access requests.

Mobile Device Identifier Data
The mobile device identifier is an alphanumeric device identifier assigned by a mobile device operating system (e.g., Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) or Google’s Advertising ID (GAID)). These identifiers may be retrieved in your mobile device settings. You may also opt-out and/or reset the ID in your device according to manufacturer specifications (e.g., “Limit Ad Tracking”).

Request Processing
Comscore will use the data you provide in this form for the purpose of processing your request. Any identifying information from your request, other than the information provided below, will be deleted within 90 days of the completion of your request. The information provided below and details about the type of request will be retained for at least 24 months as a record of the response. Comscore will process your information in accordance with the laws associated with the location you provide below.


There was no ScorecardResearch or VoiceFive cookie associated with this browser on this device. Please note, because web tagging is conducted at the browser level, you will need to complete this form from every browser and/or device that you would like to make a request for.

To make a request for your mobile app data, please use the form below to provide your mobile device’s device identifier (IDFA on Apple devices, GPAID on Android devices).  If you do not know your mobile device identifier, please download an app from the appropriate app store that will display your identifier for you. Some examples include IDFAVerify or Device IDFA in the Apple App Store and Device ID or Device ID and SIM Info in Google Play. You will need to provide that information in the form below. 

If you believe our response is legally insufficient, you may be entitled to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority and/or other regulatory body.

Thank you for contacting Comscore.