Comscore Digital Data Helps Local Stations with Automotive Prospecting

William Dyer
William Dyer
Senior Success Specialist
A top market TV station used Comscore’s MMX and Plan Metrix solutions to surface relevant competitive automotive insights for local dealerships.

The insights were laser-focused on assisting the auto dealers with reaching key targets such as electric vehicle purchase intenders.

The Scenario

Client wanted to showcase that their station's audience was exclusive among their competitors for automotive digital targets and among automotive information sites.

The Solution

Comscore leveraged our Plan Metrix solution to showcase that the station's audience is the top digital choice among their competitors to reach auto intenders, and that the station's audience aligns with their auto buying segments. Our MMX-MP solution was leveraged to show the station's exclusive audience compared to auto info sites. The station can provide auto dealers with additional reach on digital, as they maintain an audience that is not found on top auto information sites.

Number 1

TV Station defines target audience and competitive set to align with key objectives within reporting.

  • Help local dealerships sell EVs to auto intenders
Number 2

TV Station sets-up MMX Multi-Platform and Plan Metrix reporting on auto intenders, their purchase behavior and psychographics.

Number 3

TV Station reaches out to local dealerships showcasing insights into the automotive market and their reach into an incremental audience, leading to a partnership.

The Results

The client leveraged the data and key insights to get a better understanding of how to sell their digital ads and show auto dealers the importance of their digital audience. The client is using the insights for a training pitch deck to use across their local markets.

Auto Prospecting Results

Auto Prospecting