Proving the value of Comscore measurement with WIS-TV

WIS-TV, a local NBC affiliate in Columbia, SC, educated a client on the power of Comscore data and won their business as a result.

The Scenario

A local furniture store and its agency were relying on outdated and unreliable forms of measurement to place ads—and not having much success. WIS-TV showed the advertiser the power of Comscore for measuring programs and ads for optimal results.

The Solution

WIS-TV educated the client on the power of Comscore’s massive, stable measurement to sell a winning plan.

Number 1

WIS-TV first sold the client on Comscore’s massive television dataset—1 out of every 2 households in the Columbia market, versus a fraction of that with the competitor’s measurement methodology.

Number 2

Because the client had a cable-heavy media plan, WIS-TV helped explain the importance of measurement data from the dominant MVPD in the market to ensure accuracy in planning and buying, and helped the client discover the cable-heavy plan wasn’t working.

Number 3

WIS-TV showed the client how their station could reach the furniture store’s target audiences and explained the value of targeting capabilities that surpass age/gender demos into advanced audiences and “households with” demos.

The Success

WIS-TV won over 100% of the furniture store's cable spend to their station, and the furniture store saw more success from their ad buys.


Ad spend won over from cable