- April 22, 2010

A Look Back at the Digital Year in Canada

Darrick Li
Darrick Li
Senior Director

Last week Comscore released the Canada 2009 Digital Year in Review, a report covering the top trends that have shaped the Canadian digital media landscape in the past year, as well as a look ahead to what will be important to the industry throughout 2010. The report analyzes overarching trends including Internet usage and engagement, online advertising, high-growth site categories, search queries conducted and online video viewed.

For the first time the annual report included a detailed view of the online display advertising market, based on data from Comscore Ad Metrix, a new online advertising intelligence product that we recently introduced into the Canadian marketplace. In Q4 2009, there were more than 175 billion display ad impressions served to Canadians, led by the Conversational Media category (which includes social networking sites and blogs) with 25 percent of all display ads during the quarter. Portals accounted for 18 percent of all display ads, ranking second, while the Services category (which includes sub-categories such as Coupons, e-cards and Photos) served 14 percent of all display ad impressions.

A look at the top display advertisers revealed that Microsoft Sites led as the top advertiser during Q4 with 1.1 billion ads delivered, followed by Procter & Gamble with 811 million ads and ClearlyContacts.ca with 702 million ads.

For these and other insights on the latest trends in the Canadian digital media landscape, please download your copy of the Canada 2009 Digital Year in Review.