June 8, 2015

Create a Better Digital Advertising Strategy with Actionable Insights in One Central Data Platform

Ade Adeosun Ade Adeosun
Vice President, Digital Enterprise Analytics

In order for brands to have an effective ad campaign from planning to implementation and evaluation, they need to have access to the metrics that demonstrate ads are delivered successfully. While these metrics are currently available, gathering all of these metrics that live in disparate places to create actionable insights is very labor-intensive for brands. Simply having the data for each of the stages of a campaign life cycle in one platform makes these insights easier to be applied to campaigns in-flight and in the future. Now with comScore Digital Analytix®, brands are able to collect all these metrics in a single place, which makes assessing performance both easier and faster. With a single, comprehensive view of campaign metrics, brands can identify what is and isn’t working to improve their digital advertising campaigns.

We’ve been working with the Marketing and Agency teams at Kellogg to use Digital Analytix to optimize its marketing mix by reporting and evaluating every stage of the marketing process through a single view. Through our digital media analytics solution, we merged Kellogg’s advertising spend with campaign quality, delivery and audience effectiveness metrics among target segments within a single system. This approach allowed Kellogg to do the following:

  • Make Informed Decisions Based on Campaign’s Entire Data-Set: Kellogg marketers were able to analyze and explore the centralized data, and in-turn drive informed marketing decisions across a campaign’s entire data-set.
  • Use Data Flexibly for Business Inquiries: Additionally, Kellogg had the flexibility to breakdown the data in any way necessary to answer both current and future business requests.

Here’s an example of the media partner scorecard Kellogg uses to ensure the consistent and systematic delivery of a media plan:

Kellogg In-Flight Analysis Scorecard


Brands need to have the ability to combine and connect the dots among all these previously siloed data sources, and this needs to be done in one flexible platform so that brands can easily see the results of marketing efforts. Our work with Kellogg made it possible for Kellogg executives and other key decision makers to take immediate action with regard to their ad campaigns and improve company’s overall digital advertising strategy to ultimately reduce waste in ad spending.

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