Get a complete, deduplicated view of how digital audiences consume content across devices

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Comscore MMX® Multi-Platform provides an deduplicated view of total audience behavior across desktops, smartphones and tablets.
Measure the consumption habits of your digital audience and your competitive set with insights into audience size, demographic composition and engagement, as well as Advanced Audience behaviors, lifestyles, and digital interests. MMX Multi-Platform offers comprehensive, person-level reporting across all devices and screens on all forms of digital content, providing metrics such as unique visitors, reach, time spent and cross-visitation.
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Introducing Social Incremental

Capture and create new value by accounting for your total deduplicated audience footprint across desktop, mobile and social with Social Incremental, now available in MMX® multi-platform.

  • Gain Insight into Total Deduplicated Social Reach: Comscore eliminates duplicate audiences, giving you an accurate view of your social media impact to optimize your strategies.
  • Analyze Audience Overlap: Audience overlap can be a goldmine of insights - helping you identify where your audience engages with you across different platforms. This knowledge is invaluable for refining your content and marketing strategies.

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Social Incremental Lift

Holistic View

Gain a complete view of your audiences’ consumption across digital devices.

Holistic View

Deduplicated Person-Centric Insights

Get deduplicated, person-level insights through a combination of data from Comscore panels and the Comscore Census Network.

Deduplicated Person-Centric Insights

Trusted Measurement

Rely on the industry’s first unduplicated measurement of digital audiences.

Trusted Measurement
  • Reach target audiences using demographic and content constraints such as publisher consideration sets on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Evaluate sites and apps side-by-side using relevant metrics for your campaigns.
  • Expand the reach of your campaigns by targeting media properties on multiple platforms that are frequented by your ideal audience.
  • Benchmark platform overlaps and engagement with competitors by comparing multi-platform consumption against category averages.
  • Show the true scale of your reach to advertisers by quantifying your unique unduplicated digital audience across all devices.
  • Tailor content offerings or highlight advertising propositions for individual or combined platforms by using demographic splits and engagement metrics.
Kill Your Competition

Reaching Advanced Audiences for improved campaign performance with KYC agency

Kill Your Competition® (KYC), a local agency, showed an advertiser the advantages and benefits of using Comscore data to better target advanced audiences – and won the advertiser business as a result.

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Meet the Experts

James Muldrow
James Muldrow
Vice President, Product Management

Leveraging a decade of experience with Comscore, Vice President, Product Management James Muldrow guides the evolution of Comscore’s digital audience and Total Home Panel products for digital advertising, behavioral/attitudinal measurement, and segmentation across dozens of global markets.

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