July 28, 2014

IAB Peru Interviews Jodi McDermott, comScore Group VP

Angela Bryant-Inguillo Angela Bryant
Director, Enterprise Product Marketing

Metrics have a direct relation to business objectives. If not measured qualitatively and quantitatively our efforts and their results are unknown, misunderstood or lack the ability to be improved. This is why digital industry professionals see comScore’s contributions as an invaluable service to the viability of their businesses.

Recently, comScore’s Digital Analytix® tool was named “Technology of the Year” by the prestigious Digital Analytics Association. IAB Peru reached out to Jodi McDermott, Vice President of Product Management for Digital Analytix, who spoke about the recognition, future goals, and what this achievement means to comScore customers in the Peruvian market.

Congratulations on being named the "New Technology of the Year".

Thank you very much.

Tell me, did you prepare a presentation to tempt the nomination and the prize or did the news come as a surprise?

We presented our nomination for the award, along with many other companies in the sector, during the January/February time period. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that we won. We believe we have a very solid product and offer a unique value with our Multi-Platform modules for Enterprise Digital Analytics. The product was launched in 2013 in partnership with Virgin Media UK. A presentation was prepared after analyzing the market and the award requirements. Then we prepared communication on our website announcing that we won the award.

What do you think are the advantages of Digital Analytix over other measurement tools on the market?

Our advantage is that the product supports Multi-Platform solutions which allow the tracking of multiple data sources from different users by their user ID, account, etc.. at the same time - unlike other competing solutions who operate with only a key or identifier. Our solution is more flexible and streamlines management of historical and recent data to the user's needs and how to organize and access the data. Also, the stored information is compiled in one location so that our clients can use their data to meet their specific requirements.

From comScore’s point of view, with 8 years of experience as a public company, has the marked grown? Is there more competition?

The market has matured. In the last 8-10 years we have also matured as a company. We can now integrate multiple sources of information with sophisticated analytical systems to track and monitor the impact of advertising campaigns, optimize web sites for new users including mobile and video, and are developing according to new international standards.

Digital Analytix combines analytical and audience demographics to optimize access to information from a wide user base. What does the Demographic Data specifically provide? What other factors do you consider important?

We have demographic data for several markets but not all. We also analyze demographics of advertising campaigns and we measure the conversions impacted by such campaigns.

The IAB Peru now has the ability to measure and rank mobile technology, which is booming in the country. How can we tap into the Peruvian market using the Digital Analytix tool?

Digital Analytix can help measure mobile activity within the Peruvian market by monitoring what mobile devices are accessing which mobile applications, and provides tools to verify mobile device use.

What do you mean by 'traditional parameters used in web analytics' in the statements mentioned during the awards?

I wrote an article on Forbes.com in 2013 talking about the 3 metrics used to track your audience via the Web. These include unique visitors, duration of visit or session, and conversion.

After this recognition, what's next?

An ability to get to the rest of the audience, refine the logic of the data, unified measurement methodologies, etc. We are looking to leverage our UDM methodology to improve the integration of our panel and bring unique insights to the Digital Analytics platform Digital Analytix®.

comScore is in a unique position. Not only do we measure audience and optimize advertising campaigns, but our methodological analysis of data and technology expertise allows us to create new products in the field of Digital Analytics.

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