- March 23, 2022

Introducing Digital Out of Home Venue Categories in Plan Metrix Mobile

Faaiz Jappie
Faaiz Jappie
Product Marketing Associate, Audience Measurement

As cities reopen and consumers are once again out and about, spend on digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising shows no sign of stopping its momentum.

In fact, the DPAA estimates that 81% of advertisers will recommend Digital Out of Home in their media plans in the next twelve months1. To help media buyers and sellers get ahead of the curve, Comscore has introduced 20 new DOOH venue category segments to Plan Metrix Mobile, available now. This update is transformative for the DOOH space as it adds the ability to connect consumers' DOOH media engagement in public venues such as shopping malls and gyms, with their interest, attitudes and digital media consumption. These new segments will enable advertisers to build data-driven media plans that find incremental reach beyond digital and TV platforms, and to reinforce their digital campaigns.

In this blog post, we reveal how to use Comscore Plan Metrix DOOH targets to find incremental reach opportunities and achieve campaign metrics with high-value segments such as business decision makers and auto intenders.

Plan Metrix Digital Out of Home Measurement

OOH advertising remains a vital part of building brand awareness and plays an increasingly important role in advancing the consumer journey. Within the category, DOOH is important and is expected to account for 40% of all outdoor ad spending this year2.

Venue targets, now available with Comscore Plan Metrix’s U.S. data, can help advertisers and their agencies measure where consumers recall seeing video advertisements, and the frequency at which they were exposed.

Measure Where Audiences Engage with DOOH Advertising


Hair/nail salon or barber shop


Large discount/department store

College campus

Medical/Doctor's office

Convenience store

Movie theater

Drug store

Office building

Fast food or family restaurant

Shopping mall (not strip mall)

Gas station

Sports/Entertainment Stadium

Golf course

Taxi or rideshare vehicle

Grocery store


Gym or health club

Warehouse/club store

Drive Campaign Metrics with High-Value Segments
The DOOH targets in Plan Metrix can help advertisers and their agencies find creative ways to target valuable audiences such as business decision-makers and automotive intenders. For example, Comscore data reveals that only 3.3% of the U.S. population age 18 or older are c-level executives, making this a niche target. However, this segment over-indexes at 142 versus the general population by likelihood to have visited an office building in the past 30 days, marking offices as attractive advertising venues.

Reach business decision-makers

C-level executives

3.3% of audiences

Visited in the last 30 days


Office buildings


Source: Comscore Plan Metrix Mobile, A18+, January 2022, U.S.

Advertisers looking to reach consumers in the market for a new vehicle might find that recreational areas such as movie theaters, sports stadiums, and golf courses offer strong opportunities. According to Plan Metrix Mobile, about a quarter of adult U.S. consumers are very to somewhat likely to purchase a new or used vehicle in the next 6 months. Where did they visit? Of these auto intenders, 37.5% visited a movie theater, 36.1% visited a sports stadium, and 37.8% visited a golf course in the past 30 days. That’s an index of 147 for moviegoers, 141 for stadium visitors, and 148 for golfers.

Reach consumers who intend to purchase a vehicle

Automotive intenders who intend to buy in the next six months:

25.5% of audiences

Visited in the last 30 days


Golf courses


Movie theatres


Sports and entertainment stadiums


Source: Comscore Plan Metrix Mobile, A18+, January 2022, U.S.

With information such as the above, marketers can focus their campaign efforts on the key interests and lifestyles of their exact target audience. Publishers and OOH networks can prove the value of their audiences with advanced insights.

With this update, Comscore has completed a key step in its vision to deliver the next generation of DOOH measurement solutions. “Digital out of home advertising is a fast-growing part of brands’ omnichannel strategies. As such, it is increasingly important that our industry works with important and recognizable companies in the space like Comscore alongside digital and television,” said Barry Frey, President and CEO, DPAA. The new venue categories in Plan Metrix Mobile allow precise measurement of place-based advertising platforms that each consumers in retail spaces, business and medical offices, colleges, entertainment venues, transportation hubs, cinema, and more.

For more information on DOOH and OOH measurement, please visit our website to learn more or contact us.


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