- May 20, 2015

Mobile Metrix Now Features Reporting of Mobile Ad Network Reach

This week Comscore introduced mobile ad network reporting in Mobile Metrix, enabling mobile ad networks to demonstrate their audience reach across publisher sites and apps. This important new feature provides independent third-party measurement of audience reach that validates a core value proposition of mobile ad networks and their role in the ecosystem.

The increasing importance of mobile advertising can’t be overstated. Mobile now accounts for 62 percent of digital media time spent, signaling a massive shift in how digital consumers spend their time. Mobile advertising is also surging, with the IAB recently reporting year-over-year growth of 76 percent to $12.5 billion in 2014. But despite this rapid growth, ad dollars continue to lag consumers’ time and attention now devoted to mobile. This is often the case with the emergence of a new medium with dollars trailing the shift in eyeballs for a variety of reasons, including entrenched budget allocations, underdeveloped infrastructure to support the buying and selling of ads, and lack of measurement to prove the value of a new medium. Improved measurement of mobile audiences and advertising ultimately gives media buyers the information they need to justify investment in mobile and develop more integrated desktop and mobile campaigns.

As an early client for Mobile Metrix Mobile Ad Network reporting, Yieldmo has demonstrated an actual reach of ad impressions delivered of more than 100 million smartphone users in the inaugural April 2015 report (105 million to be exact), representing 68 percent reach among this audience. In other words, Yieldmo is currently delivering ads against more than 2 out of every 3 smartphone users, highlighting the considerable scale that Yieldmo specifically and mobile ad networks more generally are capable of delivering. Only 4 media properties (Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon) can deliver an audience that large and only one individual app – Facebook – has an audience of comparable magnitude.

“We're excited to be part of this initiative, as it highlights the market's adoption of our mobile advertising platform,” said Eric Simon, GM and EVP Operations at Yieldmo. “Media planners need better tools in order to understand the exploding mobile ecosystem, and Mobile Metrix is a key part of this.”

Mobile ad network reporting means that media planners have visibility into these massive networks that are among the few ways of reaching audiences at scale on mobile. That means a greater ability to incorporate mobile into the marketing mix, facilitate planning and buying of mobile media, and ultimately accelerate mobile ad spend.

For mobile ad networks that are interested in having their audiences validated in Comscore Mobile Metrix, please reach out at Comscore.com/learnmore.