- April 28, 2014

What the Comscore-Yahoo Partnership Means for vCE Clients

What the Comscore-Yahoo Partnership Means for vCE Clients

Today at Yahoo’s NewFront event in New York, Yahoo Head of the Americas Ned Brody unveiled details of a Comscore-Yahoo strategic partnership that will provide the industry with more robust campaign measurement for video, display, and mobile advertising on a global scale. Through this partnership, Yahoo will be integrating Comscore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) into its ad serving and reporting platforms, enabling clients to more seamlessly use vCE data for media buys.

This announcement has a variety of important implications for vCE clients, Yahoo’s advertising partners, and the digital advertising industry at large. vCE is what our clients use to validate and evaluate their digital campaigns, using cross-media comparable metrics such as audience demographics, reach, frequency and GRPs. This partnership enhances the scale of vCE and expands its footprint across the web, to Yahoo properties and beyond, where clients can use it to drive campaign performance.

Improved Workflow for Advertisers & Agencies
vCE will be integrated directly into Yahoo’s ad platform, enabling near real-time access to these valuable campaign optimization metrics. The integration will be available to Yahoo clients beginning this summer. The solution will initially be available to U.S. advertisers on display and video buys, with plans to expand into mobile and international markets later in the year.

Independent Third-Party Metrics to Measure Campaigns
Having vCE incorporated directly into Yahoo Advertising platforms helps deliver trusted third-party ad measurement to a huge portion of the digital advertising landscape. Yahoo has an expansive global presence, so vCE integration means delivering greater accountability for campaigns throughout the global ad ecosystem.

Global Scalability
This partnership will also enable broader access to vCE on a global basis. With Yahoo’s large global ad serving footprint, vCE metrics can be expanded to a greater number of reporting geographies, which allows for measurement of global advertising campaigns in a way that wasn’t previously available. For brand marketers who conduct global marketing campaigns, having access to the same metrics across markets helps bring greater consistency and comparability to their campaign evaluation efforts.

Yahoo & Comscore: A Winning Combination
We’re excited to join forces with Yahoo to bring advertisers and their agencies the campaign performance metrics needed to optimize their media plans. With Yahoo’s impressive worldwide footprint, Comscore looks forward to scaling vCE to more of our clients within the context of their existing ad planning and buying workflows. Greater access to vCE means an improved ability for our clients to optimize their digital video, display and mobile campaigns while bringing measurement into closer alignment with TV.