August 9, 2011

70 Percent of UK Male Smartphone Owners Use Email on the Go

Sarah Radwanick
Director, Regional Product Marketing
In the UK, 72 percent of PC users checked their emails online during June 2011 and nearly the same percentage of smartphone users accessed email services on their mobile device (67 percent).

Email access via PC had a wider reach across all age groups than it did between smartphone users. In terms of gender, males (70.3 percent) were more avid users of email via smartphone than females (62.8 percent) although it was the opposite for PC access, with the service reaching more females (72.9 percent) than males (71.4 percent).
Email access via PC had the highest reach between the 25-34 year olds (80.3 percent) but it was the 35-45 year olds (77.4 percent) that made most use of the service via smartphones.

Smartphone vs PC Email Usage

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