- November 7, 2013

Asia-Pacific: One Region, Many Audiences

The centre of the online universe now lies in Asia-Pacific, more than 40% of the worldwide internet audience is now based in Asia-Pacific. The sheer size of this market makes it worth every marketer’s time to know this audience better. However the biggest challenge lies in the diversity.

Australia and New Zealand share a similar online user demographic, skewing slightly older than the global average with 14% more users aged above 45 years old. Japan's audience is somewhat similar to these two markets but its audience is more mature with only 34% of users between 15 - 34 years old, as compared to the 39% in Australia and 38% in New Zealand respectively.

Meanwhile, China's audience is generally younger where 59% users are aged between 15-34. The Singaporean audience follows a similar pattern but skews slightly older with 5% more of its users being above 45 years old. On the other hand, India has the youngest audience with 91% of its audience in the 15-44 years old segment.

Demographic composition of online audience across markets in Asia Pacific

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