June 12, 2011

How Many Ads Do You Watch Per Content Video?

Sarah Radwanick
Director, Regional Product Marketing
In April 2011, 32.6 million UK online video viewers watched a total of 5.4 billion online videos, of which 238.4 million were ads.

In the same month, nearly 8 million females were exposed to more than 126 million online ad videos and 15.3 million women watched 1.7 billion content videos. On average, females were exposed to 7 ad videos for every 100 content videos.
Surprisingly the story is very different for men, who were only exposed to 3 ad videos per content video. In total 8.7 million men were exposed to 112 million ad videos and 16.8 million watched 3.5 billion content videos.

Online Video Ads Per 100 Content Videos Watched

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