- October 1, 2012

Mobile Phones and Tablets Now Account for 1 in 8 U.S. Internet Page Views

The wide adoption of smartphones and rapid uptake of tablets are drastically shifting how Americans consume content online.

According to Comscore Device Essentials, mobile phones and tablets accounted for a combined 13.3 percent of total Internet page views in August 2012, nearly doubling their share of traffic in just one year. Mobile phones drove 9 percent of page views during the month, while tablets accounted for nearly half of that at 4.3 percent share of page views.

PCs continued to be the dominate source of online consumption driving 86.7 percent of all page views in August, but have seen their share of total consumption decline 6.4 points in the past year as consumers are turning to a growing number of devices to stay connected.

US Share of internet Page Views Across Devices

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