- February 28, 2012

Smartphones Surpass Feature Phones to Gain Traction Among ‘Early Majority’

2011 saw smartphones surpass feature phones to account for majority of new device purchases across several markets in 2011. Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and the U.S. all saw smartphones achieving this milestone, joining the UK and Spain which passed this threshold in 2010. In both the UK and Spain, smartphone ownership already accounts for more than half of their total mobile populations, foreshadowing a trend that other markets will likely see as smartphones become more ubiquitous in 2012.

A look at the past year’s most acquired devices reflects this shift in device ownership, as all five of the most acquired devices in the U.S. and EU5 were smartphones. Apple took the top three spots in the U.S. and 3 of the top 5 slots in the EU5. Despite Android’s dominance in the U.S., only one Android device made it to the top five acquired devices in the market.

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Smartphones Surpass Feature Phones as the Top Acquired Device Type

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