- August 7, 2018

Travel Site Visits Have Increased 12% Over the Last Two Years in Canada

Polina Moliboga-Fuchs
Polina Moliboga-Fuchs
Manager, Comscore Canada
A recent Comscore report, Canadian Interest in Travel Sites, summarizes the main consumer trends of Canadian digital users on travel sites. Using audience and digital consumption data over the last two years, the research shows the activity of Canadian users on travel sites, what devices are used to access to travel content and which travel-related category is the most visited.


In this infographic, we highlight key insights to show the increase of Canadian interest in travel sites and how it has changed over the last two years:

  • Hotels/Resorts sites have increased 27%
  • The highest visit rates were in spring and summer months
  • Mobile devices represent a greater number of unique visitors in Summer 2017 on most travel sites
  • Canadian users spent more time on airline sites using desktop rather than mobile devices

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