- December 2, 2011

Who Visits Personal Financial Management Sites?

As the use of personal financial management (PFM) sites such as Mint.com has grown, financial institutions have been trying to understand their customers’ use of these tools. A look into the demographics of demand deposit account (DDA) holders* who visit PFM tools reveal that these visitors tend to have higher incomes and better risk scores than DDA customers as a whole.

In Q2 2011, customers earning $100K+ comprised 41% of all PFM visitors and 31% of all DDA customers. Moreover, 54% of PFM visitors** were superprime customers with a credit rating of at least 720, compared to only 44% of DDA customers who qualified as superprime.

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Demographics of PFM Visitors and DDA Customers

*DDA holders include customers of online banking services such as checking and savings.
**A PFM visitor is defined by Comscore as someone who has visited a PFM site at least once in a given quarter.

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