- July 24, 2013

42 Percent of Videos on UK Newspaper Sites are Ads

Newspapers in the UK had more than 22.6 million videos on their sites in May 2013, which is a 181 percent increase compared to May last year. Not only is it important to know how many videos are running on these sites, but also to understand what percentage of these videos are actually ads

Ranking the leading UK newspaper sites by the number of total videos, one can see that just over half (51 percent) of the videos on the Mail Online were ads in May 2013. The Guardian had a total of 6.3 million videos during the month and The Sun Online had 3 million; nearly a third of videos (31 percent) on both of these sites were ads. The Telegraph Media Group had a slightly lower amount of videos (1.1 million) that month, but 35 percent of these were ads.

Video Ads on UK Newspaper Sites