- May 22, 2013

Will Tumblr Bring a Younger Audience to Yahoo! Sites?

With the industry buzzing about Yahoo!’s recent acquisition of popular blogging network Tumblr, there have been a variety of reasons cited as motivations behind it. One of the more interesting rationales has to do with demographics. Specifically, the notion that Tumblr’s audience skews notably younger than that of Yahoo’s, which given its 700+ million monthly visitors more closely resembles that of the total internet population.

Comscore’s worldwide demographic data shows that Tumblr does indeed attract a large proportion of its audience from the younger set, with 15-24 year olds comprising 40 percent of its audience in April 2013 (vs. 24 percent for Yahoo! Sites) and nearly two-thirds of its audience under the age of 35. The difference in their respective visitor profiles is illustrated below.

Will Tumblr Bring a Younger Audience to Yahoo! Sites?

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