- January 25, 2011

The Value of Online Video in the UK

Speaker: Marc Gosschalk

The value of the online video marketplace is booming, with the role of video in all stages of the consumer lifecycle becoming increasingly recognised. According to Comscore’s Video Metrix, 34.7 million people watched online video content for an average of nearly 17 hours each in November 2010. The IAB estimated spending on online video advertising in the UK to have increased by 82 percent in the first half of 2010; however, time spent watching online video advertising in the UK accounts for only 0.7 percent of total time spent watching videos. As the online video market grows, the need for visibility, transparency and accurate measurement is now more critical than ever.

In this webinar Comscore's Marc Gosschalk takes a deep dive into into the changing nature of the online video marketplace with valuable insights to help you make better decisions.