- November 5, 2013

2013 China Digital Future in Focus Webinar

Speaker: Fang Cai, VP Sales China, Comscore Inc.

More than 40 percent of global internet users are now based in Asia Pacific. With 347 million online users China is re-shaping the internet scene. Major players such as Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and Sina are attracting millions of users to their social, retail and video platforms.

This webinar presented in Chinese by Fang Cai, presents key insights from the recently released 2013 China–Taiwan–Hong Kong Digital Future in Focus report. The webinar covered prevailing trends in web usage, social media, online video, search and e-commerce from China.

Key highlights include:

  • Online audience in mainland China skews younger than the global average whilst Hong Kong’s online audience is more mature with 40% above 45 years of age
  • Young males aged 15 – 24 are the heaviest internet users in Hong Kong, spending more than twice the amount of time online as compared to their mainland Chinese counterparts
  • 87% of China’s web population view an average 30 billion online videos each month, Hong Kong users still have a higher videos per viewer ratio
  • Chinese spend close to 150 minutes on retail sites every month, the highest in the region and 187% more than the global average