October 3, 2013 - Event: comScore and UKOM Event 2013

From Platforms to People: Multi-Platform Planning Insights

Speaker: Paul Goode, SVP Marketing, comScore Europe

comScore and UKOM hosted an insightful industry event in London on the 1st October to demonstrate the importance of data-driven advertising planning for consumers on multiple devices. Insights from the presentation will help you reach the Multi-Platform Majority as it outlines for the first time how unduplicated audiences in the UK balance their PC, Mobile and Tablet consumption.


  • Total tablet audience in the UK is 12.8 million users
  • The UK total digital population is 46.2 million users
  • 69% of UK users access the internet with more than one device in a month
  • Multi-Platform users consume 23% more content than PC-only users
  • 86% of 25 – 34s no longer rely on PC internet access exclusively
  • Mobile retail audiences grow by over 75% in the run up to Christmas, more so for Men
  • Total audience uplift when adding mobile and tablet to PC varies by category (News 28%, Travel 41%, Maps 62% and Weather 77%)
  • Peak browsing times across all devices: Banking 9am, Newspapers 12pm, Travel 9pm
  • Under 24s are more than twice as likely to make travel transactions on portable devices than over 55s