- April 23, 2013

The Past, Present and Future of Online Video

Speaker: Robert Tierhold, VP D-A-CH, Comscore Europe

Robert presented the current state of the online video market in Germany and in Europe. He discussed how online video has changed over the years and how consumption habits differ across countries. The presentation also covered the growth of mobile video as well as a special review of YouTube and its position in the German market.

Highlights include:

  • Worldwide, nearly 1.3 billion people watch an average of 162 online videos each per month
  • In one month Germans watch 175 videos and spend 1,271 minutes per viewer
  • Out of the EU5 countries, Germany has the largest online video audience with 46.6 million unique video viewers during February 2013
  • The number of mobile video users in Germany has increased by 215%
  • 758 million people worldwide watched an average of 79 YouTube videos each in February 2013

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