February 13, 2014 - Event: DAA LA Symposium

Digital Analytics Association LA Symposium: Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority

Vice President, Digital Analytix Product Management

Whether they’re on a tablet or a smartphone, digital visitors are hungry for content. In fact, comScore data show that multi-platform users consume 23% more content than PC-only users. You know that your customers are multi-platform, but can your measurement keep up? In this presentation given at the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) LA Symposium, comScore Digital Analytix® vice president Jodi McDermott examines how emerging multi-platform consumer dynamics can create opportunities for businesses. By adopting a unified and holistic approach to the digital consumer, companies can gain the insights needed to optimize their digital strategies and align around their most compelling long-term opportunities.

This presentation also explores how multi-platform measurement provides smarter answers to new questions like:

  • How many of my users consume content across multiple devices?
  • Are multi-platform users more valuable than single-platform users?
  • Does multi-device content consumption increase loyalty?

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