- February 5, 2015

The Value of a Digital Ad

The Value of a Digital Ad

Digital advertising has come a long way over the past decade, but it is still far from reaching its full potential. Despite its many unique benefits, it remains unnecessarily complex, with much friction in the media planning and buying processes.

Fortunately, significant innovations in digital ad measurement are beginning to clean up the mess and promise to reduce this friction.

In this whitepaper, we address the key challenges preventing digital advertising from realizing its full potential and what solutions are available in today’s market that can help determine the true value of a digital ad.

The report examines digital ad measurement through the exploration of its two core components:

1) Campaign Delivery Performance

  • Is the ad being delivered against an actual human being?
  • If the ad appears in front of a human, is it viewable?
  • Is the ad reaching its intended demographic target?

2) Effectiveness

  • Do consumers have greater awareness, interest or purchase intent for the brand as a result of ad exposure?
  • How does ad exposure drive in-store buying independent of an ad click?
  • How can ad effectiveness measurement help brands improve ROI?