- August 24, 2017

UKOM Insights – 18-24s and Traditional News Brands

What’s the significance of traditional news brands in the online lives of young audiences? It is no secret that the role of social media sites in breaking news and influencing readers has never been greater. Few would disagree that these had a major role to play in the UK General Election. The impact of social media sites on fake news, which have been hitting the headlines continuously this past year, can also not be ignored. Get detailed insights into UKOM approved Comscore data of June 2017.

This report looks at the following topics:

  • The role of mainstream media in bringing news and content to young adults online.
  • An insight into from where content was accessed by 18-24-year old’s during June 2017.
  • A look at the duplication among 18-24s for online news channels to provide an overview of how young people are consuming news.

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