June 1, 2020

Creating Content Flow on Social Platforms

Today, there is more content on social platforms than ever before. Not to mention that there are so many social platforms to choose from. How can publishers decide where to put their efforts? And how does the content they create lead to more than some likes on a post and contribute to long term success?

Key Points

This presentation includes insights from Shareablee & Vox Media’s joint research, including:

  • Goals for good content
  • Consumer attitude towards different social platforms and social content
  • How to measure content quality
  • The 5 P’s to great content
  • What is evergreen content
  • How branded content and non-branded content compare
  • What publishers should focus on for success going forward

Watch or download to learn how to harness quality content with Edwin Wong, Senior Vice President of Insights & Innovation at Vox Media.

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