Comscore Media Metrix 360 Attracts Strong Industry Support in Mexico

New ‘Panel-Centric Hybrid’ Digital Audience Measurement Solution Captures 100 Percent of a Site’s Audience, Including Usage from Internet Cafes and Mobile Devices

Comscore to Host Workshop at IAB Conecta Event in Mexico City on Thursday 23rd July

RESTON, VA, July 22, 2009 – Strong industry support has emerged following last month’s announcement that Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, will be launching the Media Metrix 360 ‘panel-centric hybrid’ solution to digital audience measurement in Mexico. The new service, which will be available in Mexico in late 2009, combines panel and server-side approaches to understanding digital consumer behavior, providing a ‘best of breed’ approach to audience measurement. The enhanced methodology will account for the full universe of Internet usage, including traffic from Internet cafes and mobile devices.

“Comscore Media Metrix 360 represents a significant innovation in digital audience measurement and we are delighted to be able to offer this service in Mexico,” said Alex Banks, Comscore managing director of Latin America. “We know that a substantial proportion of Internet usage in Mexico occurs in Internet cafes and Comscore’s new panel-centric hybrid approach to online measurement will enable us to account for 100 percent of a Web site’s audience. This service has been in development for more than a year in the U.S. and we will be working with our clients in Mexico over the coming months to deliver the Mexican market the most robust and comprehensive solution to digital audience measurement.”

Unified Cross-Platform Audience Reporting

A newly developed Comscore “universe report” will provide visibility into the entire universe of Internet usage, including access to Web sites from mobile devices and computers outside of home and work locations, including Internet cafes. This new service combines person-level measurement with Web site server metrics to account for 100 percent of a Web site’s total audience, and Media Metrix 360’s tracking of mobile devices will include WiFi browsing, a segment of traffic not currently captured in mobile operator log data.

Industry Participation Critical to Development of Hybrid Approach

“In a market like Mexico where shared access represents such a high number,, it is very important to have standardized, accurate and reliable metrics,” said Javier Guerrero, General Manager of Prodigy/MSN. “That is why we consider Comscore’s new methodology to be an industry breakthrough. We are really convinced that Comscore will provide the Mexican industry all the data we need.”

"There is no doubt, Comscore continues evolving and scores big time with Media Metrix 360,” said Guillermo Abud of Senior Digital Director of Starcom Mediavest Group, Latin America. “It assures a better, more stable future of digital media, digital measurements, and lastly closing the circle of digital metrics, the most measured media (and many times the most questioned one). Now advertisers, agencies and publishers in Latin America will be able to make more accurate digital planning and buying decisions."

 "It is great for the Mexican Internet Industry to have reliable sources of data, and that is where Comscore plays a key role,” said Miguel Ramirez Lombana, co-Founder of “All players in the industry, and especially advertisers, need to have reliable tools that allow them to make the best decisions for their online strategies. Comscore's Media Metrix 360 is an important initiative that will only help the Mexican online industry continue its development."

“In order to achieve our tactic and strategic goals developing digital strategies in Clarus Digital it is vital for us to rely on information resources that we can trust for our decision making,” said Mariate Arnal, General Director of Clarus Digital. “At the same time, this kind of information becomes fundamental: not only for the continuing development of the on-line market in Mexico, but also for the educational/learning process that we as an industry (both clients and agencies), have to motivate and share. This said, we applaud the investments that Comscore continues to make in order to support the decision making for us and our clients.”

"Reliable metrics are crucial to successful modern marketing campaigns,” said Gustavo Ross, President of Activamente. “For many years Comscore has been a respected player in this matter and will certainly be key in the development of the metrics we need in the ever evolving media and marketing landscape."

“Marketers and agencies are seeking more investment accountability, smarter aggregation and multi-dimensional data that provide a more holistic purview of online customer behaviors,” said Kate Sirkin, EVP, Global Director of Research, Starcom MediaVest. “Starcom MediaVest applauds Comscore for driving tangible, progressive advancements in the growing and needed field of digital audience measurement.”

Comscore to Present at IAB Conecta

Alex Banks, Comscore managing director of Latin American markets, and Jack Flanagan, EVP of Comscore Media Metrix, will be presenting at the upcoming IAB Conecta event, to be held in Mexico City on Thursday 23rd July. Along with an overview of Mexican Internet activity, the two will elaborate on the potential impact of Media Metrix 360 on the Mexican market at a workshop during the event. For more information please email

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