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A Comprehensive View of the Display Advertising Landscape

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While digital publishers, marketers and agencies rely heavily on online display advertising, they haven’t had the detailed creative and quantitative insights needed to optimize campaigns and understand the competition.

Effective measurement requires not only that the ads being measured reach actual people (as opposed to cookies or spiders) but that they can be quantified and aligned with broader marketing objectives. Ad Metrix provides a comprehensive people-based view of online advertising campaigns, their creative elements, and how they compare to the competition.

Using patented technology, Ad Metrix identifies the specific person within the household who has the opportunity to see each ad, along with industry leading measurement of socially-enabled and socially-published display advertising. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, you can get granular insights into category, company and brand level advertisements, along with the creative messages used in specific campaigns.

With Ad Metrix you have access to a full range of advertising metrics from expenditures, share of voice and ad clutter to exposed unique visitors, reach/frequency, GRPs and demographics.

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