The always-on dashboard for all your reporting needs across web, mobile, and social

At-a-glance answers to all things digital. 

Comscore Complete Digital, powered by Shareablee, provides a quick and easy means to plan, measure, monitor and report on digital. Now with the addition of trusted Comscore syndicated digital datasets to Shareablee's global social footprint, get at-a-glance answers to all things digital.

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Competitive Benchmarking At-A-Glance

Access a comprehensive taxonomy of millions of social profiles updated daily, combined with trusted measurement of web, mobile and apps. Get full visibility into what’s happening across your competitive marketplace – and in the world or your industry at large - across any metrics that matter to you. 
Competitive Benchmarking At-A-Glance

Customizable or Pre-Built Dashboards

Easily customize every dashboard for those who have their own winning formula or reporting needs. You will also be able to mix and match from a wide range of easy-to-use widgets. Or, access a wide selection of expert-curated quick analysis dashboards, enabling you and your team to get the insights you need with just a few clicks.
Customizable or Pre-Built Dashboards

One Spot for Complete Digital Visibility

Get complete digital intelligence in one stop, and avoid the back-and-forth between interfaces, downloads and multiple mismatching reports. Access persona profiles, interests, and digital reach in one interface and share your reports instantly with colleagues directly in the platform. 
One Spot for Complete Digital Visibility
  • Pinpoint the incremental reach and scale of social audiences to advertisers, complementing the content on your owned and operated sites.
  • Leverage social benchmarking and digital competitive intelligence to identify and build targeted advertising proposals.
  • Prove the value of your social and digital audiences with granular reporting of your audiences’ affinities and behaviors.
  • Drill down to the post level of who is talking about your brand to inform influencer strategy and find sponsored opportunities.
  • Benchmark your total digital and social reach against competitors or category averages.
  • Optimize your media mix by identifying which media and campaigns drive your target audience to engage with your brand.
  • Stay ahead of emerging media trends to maintain your brand’s share of voice in online media.
  • Easily collect data on consumers, competitors and marketplace and consolidating information into actionable reports.
  • Access repeatable, dashboard-based reporting on target audiences to formulate recommendations.
  • Remain fully informed on market trends to understand what drives digital audiences to engage.

Meet the Expert

Tania Yuki
Tania Yuki
Chief Marketing Officer

Tania Yuki is a tech founder and entrepreneur with a strong commercial and marketplace focus, a massive love of data, and experience driving innovation in insights-focused businesses. Tania re-joined Comscore in late 2021 after Shareablee, the venture-backed technology startup that she founded in 2013 and led as CEO through to the end of 2021, was acquired by Comscore. Prior to founding Shareablee, Tania led product management for Comscore's Video Metrix, the world's leading online video and CTV ratings service, and was also VP Advertiser Solutions at Visible World (acquired by Comcast).

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