David Algranati
David Algranati

David Algranati, Ph.D., is an accomplished executive with a proven track record of product innovation, market research and analytics.

In his role as Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Algranati leads an organization driven to helping clients meet their business goals by creating industry-leading media measurements solutions.

“Comscore has a unique ability to process and understand large amounts of data,” he says. “My team strives to use this wealth of information to design products and services that meet the needs of the industry.”

Before joining the Comscore team, he served as SVP, Television Product Innovation & Custom Research at Rentrak and held executive research positions at Experian Simmons including Director of Integrated Marketing Solutions. While at Simmons, he also led the statistics and research teams, overseeing all statistical responsibilities for the company including custom research projects.

Dr. Algranati holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The George Washington University, a Master of Science in Statistics, a Master of Philosophy in Public Policy and a Ph.D. in Statistics and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

When he is not working on the next generation of media measurement solutions, he is a devoted boxing fan, attending more than 2,000 boxing matches in the past 20 years.