- September 22, 2023

Monetization Opportunities for Publishers in the Face of Signal Loss

Greg Dale
Greg Dale
Chief Operating Officer

It was a pleasure to connect with publishers from across the United States at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Florida this week and hear their most pressing issues in the changing digital landscape. The key themes of signal loss, privacy, and AI were clear front runners as we head into uncertain economic times.

The main message I shared and want everyone to know is that Comscore can help companies manage through their privacy challenges, the development and/or enrichment of their 1st party data, and signal loss challenges to better monetize their audiences.

Many may still think of Comscore as exclusively syndicated research for digital or TV, but that is only part of our story. We have a long history of driving innovation using massive data sets to pioneer hybrid panel and census measurement. Those data sets and our innovative mindset put Comscore in a unique position to help others with their journey through the privacy-fueled third to first party data movement. We know this because we’ve been facing the same challenges ourselves. For publishers, the real challenge is ultimately being able to not only maintain but grow revenue in the face of all these changes.

There are a couple of areas where we can help publishers today:

  1. Audience Curation & Monetization
    Increasing signal loss, whether due to ATT (App Tracking Transparency), cookie deprecation, or any other reason makes it more challenging to get the most money from your entire inventory. We can partner to help ensure you have a way to do it at scale and with privacy compliance in mind.

    We have paired our massive cross-platform data sets with Proximic, our built-for-programmatic AI contextual engine, to help publishers build their audiences to drive more revenue. The culmination of Comscore’s datasets and Proximic’s sophisticated contextual engine enables the curation of inventory packages beyond demographics and endemic categories to leverage the rich and extensive datasets that only Comscore can provide, without the need for user IDs.

    This helps publishers align inventory packaging to advertiser audience targeting needs across all verticals and helps drive scale across multiple inventory types including web display, CTV (as well as our patented live-streaming capabilities), mobile, gaming, and audio. It is complementary to a publisher’s current monetization infrastructure and supports audience curation across direct deals, open exchange programmatic deals, and everything in between.
  2. First Party Data Insights & Enhancement
    One of the big changes we are making is that we are introducing a new privacy-enhancing version of our measurement methodology based on 1st party data that maintains its stability and accuracy in the face of signal loss. These new capabilities enable the capability for privacy-safe data validation, insights, and enrichment. Publishers can work with Comscore as a trusted partner to learn and do more with their 1st party data.

    This updated methodology is our foundation for seamless cross-media measurement and will enable even more granular digital insights including daily data, local market reporting, faster turnaround, & more – all in a privacy-preserving way. There will be much more to share about it in the months ahead, but publisher partners can unlock these 1st party data benefits now.

If you haven’t connected with us about how we can help with monetization strategies, please reach out here to start the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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