- February 5, 2016

Warc Webinar: 5 Digital Marketing Lessons from Comscore

This past week I had the pleasure of presenting on a webinar for WARC (the U.K. based “World Advertising Research Center”) on the topic of “Lessons Learned in a Digital Marketing World”. I discussed several of the fundamental lessons that we’ve learned at Comscore over the years about digital marketing effectiveness and the metrics that matter.

Warc’s Stephen Whiteside put together a nice summary of my presentation entitled “Five Digital Marketing Lessons from Comscore,” which covers the following topics:

  1. Prioritizing Display Clicks (Hint: you shouldn’t)
  2. Balancing Search and Display (Hint: you should)
  3. Understanding Mobile (you’d better!)
  4. Targeting, Viewability, Brand Safety and Invalid Traffic (imperative for understanding digital campaign effectiveness)
  5. Cross-Platform Measurement (the exciting new world of media)

You can download the full, detailed copy of the report here. I hope you find the insights illuminating and the lessons applicable as a marketing practitioner.

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