- May 5, 2015

Comscore Acquires Proximic to Bring Enhanced Trust and Transparency to Digital Advertising

Today, I’m excited to announce that Comscore acquired Proximic, Inc. Bringing the Proximic offerings to Comscore will further help our customers to optimize their advertising campaigns and create much needed transparency in the online advertising ecosystem. The acquisition also aligns directly with our strategy of helping to shine a spotlight on the quality content that is available in programmatic.

From a technology perspective, I’m particularly excited about several aspects of this announcement:

  • Enhanced Content Categorization Capabilities for Clients: Our customers will soon be able to leverage Proximic’s unique categorization technology to get real-time, actionable data about the content of web pages. This categorization can happen at the domain, site, page or page element level and it includes hundreds of thousands of dynamically updated topical categories. This is important for our clients because it allows for a more granular level of analysis.
  • Accelerated Rollout of Industry Trust: We will be able to accelerate the rollout of our Industry Trust Initiative by leveraging the programmatic experience and integrations that the Proximic team has built up over the years, such as with AppNexus.
  • New Team Members Who “Live” Big Data: Proximic has assembled a superb team of individuals who share many of the core passions and values of my own technology team.  They live big data just like we do and have learned the hard lessons that come from working at scale. How many organizations can say they have scaled a system to handle hundreds of thousands requests per second and billions of page categorizations per month?

I’m thrilled to have the technological prowess of the Proximic team join us and look forward to sharing the results of our combined efforts with our clients over the coming months.  This is a great step forward for both Comscore and the broader industry.

You can learn more about the acquisition here.  To learn more about Proximic, visit Proximic.com.

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