- March 5, 2012

Exponential Tablet Adoption in 2011 Ushers in Era of Convergent Consumption

Tablets were a pivotal force in the mobile space in 2011 as they provided consumers a unique mobile user experience, combining portability with powerful computing functionality while offering a screen size more reader-friendly than a smartphone. While tablets were introduced to the mass market just a few years ago, these devices are rapidly gaining in the consumer marketplace.

An analysis across markets reveals that a growing percentage of mobile subscribers now own tablets in addition to their phones. The U.S. has the highest percentage of mobile subscribers who own tablets at more than 14 percent. Canada and Spain followed with approximately 10 percent of mobile subscribers in both countries reporting owning tablets. Across EU5 markets, 8.3 percent of all mobile subscribers reported having a tablet device. As more tablets promise to hit the mainstream in 2012, it is highly likely that the percentage of tablet ownership among mobile subscribers in these markets will rise.
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