- October 24, 2012

Fast Money: When Wallets Go Digital

In a recent analysis of the digital payments industry, Comscore found that 65 percent of U.S. smartphone users perform retail or shopping activities on their devices, with 1 in 5 smartphone users purchasing goods or services via their mobile phone. Such adoption of mobile retail behaviors and unprecedented innovation in financial services have put the spotlight on the payments industry and digital wallets. But will the use of digital wallets gain mass adoption among the target consumer audience?

A forthcoming Comscore report on digital wallets and payments will seek to determine where the strongest opportunity exists in this space by examining the drivers of digital wallet adoption and usage preferences. Get a preview of what the report will feature and get notified of its release in December by downloading the executive summary at www.comscore.com/mobilemoney.

Fast Money When Wallets Go Digital