- April 22, 2021

March Madness 2021 Analysis: How Ad Placement Analytics Can Empower Campaigns

Agusto Alarco
Agusto Alarco
Senior Director, Client Insights
Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright
Sales Director, Brand Direct

Trying to find the right ad placement to maximize the on-target reach of your campaign?

Comscore's advanced TV measurement tools help you understand the nuances of major TV events, as well as ad placement effectiveness within a telecast and individual ad pods to help your message reach more targets in a shorter time.

Ad placement analytic maximize the on-target reach of your campaign

Contact us today to learn how Comscore's local media measurement tools can help you effectively plan and buy advertising that reaches your target audience.

Local TV Measurement

Comscore TV Local provides unique viewing behaviors across all 210 markets, with insights for household-level and advanced audience reporting. Person-level demos are also...

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