- November 17, 2016

Mobile App: 1 in 5 app users is aged 55+

In the past 20 years, the proportion of non-US internet users measured by Comscore has increased from 34% of the global desktop population to 89%, with EMEA now accounting for a third of this audience. More insights can be found on the 2016 Global Future in Focus report.

Globally, mobile apps dominate mobile time and are already approaching even the largest desktop sites in terms of reach. They can provide a huge benefit to brands, but with only 1 in every 5 mobile users in France downloading new apps in a month, the barrier to entry for new apps means this is a challenging but potentially lucrative marketplace.

Some key insights:

  • Smartphone apps are the preferred method of access in France with 69% of the mobile audience using apps in a month compared to 62.5% accessing content through a mobile browser.
  • 18 – 24s are the most likely age bracket to use apps, with over 90% doing so. Perhaps unexpectedly, over 55s represent a large audience of over 7 million app users (22% of all app users).
  • Weather apps are the most popular category in France, used by 34.4% of app users, followed by 32.1% for instant messaging and 29.7% for social networking apps.
  • 28% of those who download new apps, discover them through the app store, featured or top app lists, while 27% discover new apps through the app store search.

2016 Global Digital Future in Focus

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